Goodgame 2

Ever tried to play a board game, only to have to go look for a pencil and paper to keep score? Ever wanted a game timer that was a little more noticeable than a tiny hourglass? Enter Goodgame.

Goodgame is a collection of powerful, customizable gadgets designed to help you play the games you love in a better way

  • Use the Timer to set a specific countdown, or use the random function to choose from a custom minimum and maximum time.
  • The Scores gadget can track scores for as many players as you want, and provides an easy way to give an arbitrary number of points to a player.
  • The Money gadget lets you work with game money in an intuitive transfer system – no adding and subtracting required!
  • Use Records to keep track of your high scores in any game, and update the records when they’re broken.
  • Black Spot solves the problem of “who gets to sit out of this round” in games where a number of people are secretly chosen, by acting as a secret selector.