Golden Open Acrylics are a line of slow-drying acrylic paints from Golden Artist Colors. The increased working time of these colors expands their range to include more traditional techniques once only possible with oils. Because OPEN Acrylics dry slowly, painters who cover their palettes or use sealed containers have been able to use the same colors for weeks, reducing the amount of paint wasted and preserving color mixtures for future use.

For a school assignment, I was tasked with designing a set of unique promotional materials with resources and information about the Golden Open line. Golden Open is a higher-end line of paints, so I wanted the final product to feel elegant and premium as well. I decided to create a custom deck of playing cards using the 40 colors in the line, with additional printed material containing more information.


I started by creating a concept for the deck of cards. My goal was to have the cards be usable as paint chips, while still being functional playing cards. The 40 colors I was working with fit nicely into the number or pip cards of each suit, and I decided to detail a common pigment family on each face card. After sorting, I was able to assign each suit a color range: hearts were reds, diamonds were yellow, clubs were greens and blues, and spades were the neutrals. With some relevant pigment families on each suit's face cards, the deck was built - now it just needed a design.


The designs of the pip and face cards went through several iterations, including asymmetric pip cards, circular cards, and even characters on face cards inspired by each pigment's properties. I eventually decided on a mostly standard layout for the pip cards, with the paint and Colour Index names in the opposite corners from the number and suit. The face cards have a more specialized layout, with an asymmetric layout featuring a short description of each pigment family. These cards also have a prominent color wheel showing the range of colors the pigment can produce and highlighting specific colors available in the Golden Open line.

Other Materials

Along with the playing cards, the project also required a set of printed materials with more general information about the Golden Open line and the paints therein. I split the content into three seperate items: a small booklet introducing the line, a pamphlet with a table of paint data, and a folding color wheel with blending charts and instructions.